• Irene van der Veur - statues and paintings

Irene van der Veur lives and works in Schagen in the North of Holland as a full-time artist.
She designs and creates contemporary works trough powerful compositions.
Her work is purchased both nationally and internationally by goverment organisations,  companies and individuals.
The works are amazingly diverse whilst demonstrating a signature style recognisable only as her own.
The integrity and directness of her work reflect her craftsmanship and vision-art founded in simplicity with an emphasis on uniqueness of form. Commissioned work available to individual and corporate clients. Commemorative monuments are also designed and made bespoke.
If you want to get more knowledge about my artwork, information about prices or to visit my atelier in Schagen, please contact me.
0031(0)615197494          E:  irenevdveur@hetnet.nl




Stainless steel



Commemorative monument

Beeld brons buffel


The bronze sculptures take on their own personality, representing animals and people through abstract images in which the essence of the subject always shines through.
The stone sculptures reflect an intuitive technique supported by vision and craftsmanship.
The stainless steel and carbon steel garden sculptures possess a geometric shape of such beauty that they need no other adornment except for the environment in which they are placed.

A bespoke memorial sculpture or headstone can express what one feels for an occasion or for the individual being commemorated.  A sculpture can also be adapted to house ashes according to individual wishes.

The paintings present powerful compositions; the abstract works, fables and portraits come to life in explosions of colour.

Irene van der Veur | schilderijen